Saturday, May 20, 2017

Quirky Birds and an Update

Hello creative people, I hope you are all doing well.  It's been a while since I've posted here and I'm sorry that I have not been around to your blogs.   

I won't give you a book version of the past year, but life has brought challenges and we have changes coming our way. 

I have not been in my craft room for a long time, I've either been too busy, too tired, or not in the frame of mind for creativity.    I would like to get back creating art as it is meditative & calming. 

Last fall I discovered on line classes with the lovely and talented Tamara Laporte of Willowing Arts.  I love her whimsical art and have enjoyed learning from her through her video workshops.    I joined the Lifebook 2017 course, but have only managed to download lessons the last two months which I can work on the in the future when life is calmer. 

However I created these Quirky Birds with one of her lessons last fall and thought I would show them to you today.    Some of the words are appropriate :)

Thanks for stopping by, I'll do my best to get around to your blogs soon.
Shirley :)