Saturday, May 20, 2017

Quirky Birds and an Update

Hello creative people, I hope you are all doing well.  It's been a while since I've posted here and I'm sorry that I have not been around to your blogs.   

I won't give you a book version of the past year, but life has brought challenges and we have changes coming our way. 

I have not been in my craft room for a long time, I've either been too busy, too tired, or not in the frame of mind for creativity.    I would like to get back creating art as it is meditative & calming. 

Last fall I discovered on line classes with the lovely and talented Tamara Laporte of Willowing Arts.  I love her whimsical art and have enjoyed learning from her through her video workshops.    I joined the Lifebook 2017 course, but have only managed to download lessons the last two months which I can work on the in the future when life is calmer. 

However I created these Quirky Birds with one of her lessons last fall and thought I would show them to you today.    Some of the words are appropriate :)

Thanks for stopping by, I'll do my best to get around to your blogs soon.
Shirley :)


aussie aNNie said...

Shirley it was lovely to have you visit and your art work is beautiful. Love your quirky birds.
Life has had and still has many challenges in store for you and I sincerely wish you and yours the best. Take each day as it comes and it will all work into place. Thinking of

Valerie-Jael said...

Sorry to hear you are having so man change and problems just now, and hope sooner or later your life will be back to normal. Love the birds! Hugs, Valerie

Crafting Queen said...

Wishing you well with the moves. Once you move in to your new home things will get better. Love what you created it's amazing. Hope that good news continues with the family. Hugs Anesha and purrs from Skipper.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi there Shirley, life has a habit of throwing up challenges, it's a true saying that we don't know what's around the corner, I hope you are coping alright with your difficulties, but it's good you managed to pop in with this fantastic creation, I love the quirky birds and the fabulous colours, take care, Hugs Kate x

Win Dinn, Artist said...

So lovely to see you back here, Shirley, especially in the midst of all the chaos that life appears to be bringing you right now. These lovely quirky birds are a bright spot in my day. Thanks for stopping over to say hello, too...I've been missing you!

froebelsternchen said...

Your quirky bird pages are wonderful - I send you much power for all this. Good to see you again SHirley, I missed you !♥

chrissie said...

So good to see you on your blog again Shirley. Life throws so much at us at time and I hope the future holds happiness all the way.

The birds are fantastic and look so good as a set

We are much the same as always and going on holiday in a couple of days. Thank you for asking on my blog

Take care

Love Chrissie xx

Elaine said...

Sorry to hear life has been so full on for you Shirley. I am glad you have a way forward to a more peaceful location, even if your final destination is some way off yet. Good luck with it all. You've done a great job with your quirky birds. Elaine xxx

Pat said...

I adore these three birds Shirley and you have drawn and painted them so beautifully in those shades of blue and purple, and just a little yellow on the middle one which makes it pop, and the background stencilling looks great. So glad to see you here and that all is well with you and hope all goes well with the upcoming move, and how exciting to be having a house built. Moving to a new area can be daunting but I'm sure you will soon settle. We moved from near London to the south west, about 200 miles away, eleven years ago in order to have a more rural life and we have never regretted it. x

Gerrina said...

I had a feeling that the new house wasn't quite what you didn't tell a lot about it. So I'm glad you find your way "out"... Will be a seriously uncalm periode though; so wish you the best with that!
Glad to hear everybody is well and you now the direction in wich a big and important part of your life is going!
Love the owls; they look cozy and sweet and artsy! Big hug, Gerrina

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

These are the cutest birds around. You're drawing skills amaze me.

I'm excited for you to be in your own house soon. Keep us posted on how things are going. Best of luck my friend. Hugs.

Janny's Cards Creations said...

Nice to hear that it is going well with everyone again. Sometimes you have periods that you have to make choices. Moving is stress cause number one. So take your time .... I'm looking forward to new messages and we'll see when you have time and rest to be creative. Good luck with it all. These three birds are so beautiful. Greetings Janny

Donna Ellis said...

Wow, Shirley! What a fabulous, vibrant, full-of-life-in-the-moment, accordion card! Your fun birds are so delightfully full of doodles to contrast your luscious colors. I love each one, especially around the eyes, and the highlighting in your color applications.

I owe you an email - sorry I haven't been able to get to it in a meaningful way - like you - just swamped, and I'm a little emotionally bankrupted at the moment. Want to write a meaningful response. But so glad you posted this wonderful creation and a sneak peek of things to come once you're all settled again!

Adventures - I think they keep life interesting - and always keep us a bit on tilt as well! LOL Sometimes the adventures arrive in an unexpected, slightly unwanted manner, but always, they help us enjoy the journey!


Little Artbee said...

A lot happened in your life dear Shirley and I wish you all the best for your new home and town. Step by step everything will become perfect,have a little bit patience. Your birds look so cute and wonderful on this great blue background,wow. I love it.
All the best for you. Take care of you.

Greta said...

So many changes in a short time, Shirley--but I hope your new home will be just what you want! It's so hard loosing our fur babies--I know it feels like the world isn't quite right. You're in my thoughts & hope your loved ones do well. Love seeing your paintings--beautiful work & wonderful thoughts! Hugs, Greta

maria's knutselplezier said...

Your birdies are so lovely Shirley and again you went out of your comfort zone, I really hope that everything will go smoothly for you and that you will love your new home, your new life, and because time goes quickly , it will soon be the day for that new life, it's all very exiting and I wish you all the best!!

Sandy said...

Wonderful Shirley -
We moved two years ago into a much smaller house, in a different state and on an island! Very small community and quiet especially in our neighborhood. We love it here and you will love your new life. I am still settling in - it takes a while.
Good luck Sugar!
I am a cat lady - so sorry about you cat. We had three cats and had to put one down several months ago. I still miss him.
Sandy xx

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Wonderful unique pages have you created, I wish you the best!
xox Anja

sheila 77 said...

Your birds are terrific with great personality. I especially like the owls.
Good luck and happiness with all your changes.

aussie aNNie said...

Thanks for calling in Shirley, missing your creativity, and hope you are ok.xx[aNNie]

Enny said...

Dear Shirley, your page with the quirky birds is absolutely beautiful ! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, much appreciated, since you are so busy now. I do hope that all the changes in your life work out fine. Wish you all the best ! Love, Enny

Unknown said...

These are so much fun and such gorgeous colours.

Ryn Tanaka said...

Hehe! So cute and yes - quirky ;) I love the colours too.