Saturday, July 09, 2016

Crackling Rose

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great summer.

It's been very hot and dry here, the worst drought that I can recall.  But last night the skies opened up and we received a heavy down pour for an hour.  I've been worried about the trees that are stressed and dying, so I was so happy that the rain will gave them some relief.   Most homeowners in our area don't seem to realize that young(ish) trees need water to survive.    

My card today features the beautiful Crackling Rose stamp by Chocolate Baroque.   After seeing many flower & rose designs at Miranda's blog, I could no longer resist and ended up buying this one.  

I used Distress Inks and water in the background and when dry stamped the Crackle Rose with Memento ink.   After colouring the Rose with Prisma pencils I added some paint using a stencil around the border.

The background was much larger, but I wasn't happy with how it turned out, too much pink for me I suppose.  But I spent a lot of relaxing time colouring so I trimmed a lot of the background away.  It looks better but still a lot of pink !

Well that's all for today, have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Hi Shirley I hope you are well and enjoying life.

    This is a very beautiful card with deep, rich colours

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Such a lovely card and the pink is just wonderful. I just bought a CB stamp. It's a new one--a lady with flowers in here hair. You've inspired me to colour it right now. Glad you got your rain. We're in a drought spell two and for the last two nights it downpoured tremendously. I'm off this weekend and am going to London's Sunfest music festival. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  3. Beautiful creation. The colours are so gorgeous...xx {aNNie}

  4. This is definitely pretty in pink Shirley and the rose is a beauty and I love your pencil colouring of it and the netting in the background suits it perfectly. Glad you have had a bit of rain to relieve the drought a little too. Have a lovely weekend. x

  5. Gorgeous card, love that stamp, and I am happy for you that you have had some rain. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  6. That rose is absolutely gorgeous, Shirley! Being a lover of pink, it's not too much for me--wonderful card!

  7. I think if you're going to go pink Shirley, then your should just go for it and your card is wonderful. I love the Rose stamp and you've coloured it so beautifully. Please to hear that you finally have some rain. It hasn't stopped raining here today but I do think it has it's own kind of beauty. Crafty hugs, Sandra X

  8. A stunning card Shirley, I love these flower stamps from CB and I love the colours you've used too. Glad you've had some rain.

    Sue xx

  9. What a stunning rose card you created Shirley.
    Pink always makes me think of Love and softness.
    Amazing how much good some rainfall can do.
    It is not easy trying to make up for nature with a garden hose.
    You're so right about plants suffering when it's dry.
    That might be a good time to use those bags that they put around trees for steady watering in dry spells.
    Happy weekend to you oxo

  10. Okay, you are also "stinged"by the colouring with pencil-virus!! :)
    No seriously; the rose looks like it came straight out of the garden; beautiful!
    And young trees; the tree planted here in the street by the goverment was watered for two years to get it going and that was a tree that was about 5 years old when they put it there...
    Hope you get a little bit more rain! Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Your card is absolutely wonderful ! I think pink is really fitting for a rose... Also a beautiful background with the trellis ! I'm glad you had rain, wish I could have sent some to you over the last weeks... now we have some sunshine at last !! Have a lovely weekend ! Enny

  12. Beautifully coloured Shirley
    Amanda x

  13. Hi dear friend, your Cracklin Rose is beautiful and lovely with that structured background! Good to hear that finally it did rain........yes poor plants and trees! hugs from across the ocean, xxMiranda

  14. Oh, sigh, inhaling deeply, I can smell the sweet scent of your incredible roses. The lattice in your background is really lovely, Shirley. I'm sorry to hear about your drought. Our trees, energy the largest of them, do not have the deep roots found in mature northern trees. We were in a decade long drought with terrible fires, and lost many trees, especially the younger. It is important to trickle water deeply into the ground to stimulate their roots. Too bad people don't take an interest in learning about plants, their importance, and how to care for them. Sending you some of our rain. Love, de

  15. You do beautiful things with pink, just like you do with the blues and greens, Shirley! This is so very pretty!! I'm glad you received some much-needed rain. We've seen a lot of the older mature maples dying in our neighborhood. When these subdivisions were built back in the early 70s, every front yard was planted with a maple. After four years of drought, people were finally being very thoughtful of the drought and letting their lawns die. Sadly, they weren't thinking that they were killing the trees, too. Hugs, Darnell

  16. Amazing clouring n that rose Shirley, and though I am not usually a pink girl, I really love your background. Wonderful stamping, a really beautiful card!!

  17. Oh dear Shirley, that flower card is truly so amazing, I'm fascinated, great designed coloration and combination.
    Big hugs Anja

  18. Beautiful card Shirley, love your colouring on the rose and yes it's pink, but the background really suits the image.
    Our weather is opposite of yours - we are longing for some warm sunshine.
    Avril xx

  19. Yes it was me! Tonight it will let me leave a comment! Thanks for the visit much appreciated! I love your card and love roses in pictures! Love the pink! Happy July!

  20. What a beautiful rose card!!! great colours and image!! Can't you come to Belgium and bring some sunshine, you can always take some rain with you , till now we had a very wet summer and our garden ,and all the flowers get rotten !!


  21. That's a beauty, Shirley, and who could possibly resist a rose?!


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