Thursday, February 16, 2017

Collage Background and Flowers

Hello everyone I hope you are doing well.

We've received a foot of snow here over the past week, it looks lovely but it wasn't good to drive a couple of days.   However it's going to melt with unusually high temperatures this weekend :)    Sunny warm days are very much appreciated in February.  

I would like to thank my blog friends that left comments with their thoughts about the difference between Blogging and Facebook.  You've made some very good points and I appreciate it very much.  I think overall the consensus is that blogs are more personal.   I still can't see having as much time for blogging but will continue, thanks again :)

I have a couple of cards to show today that I created from the same piece of background to which I added die cuts by Tim Holtz (tattered flowers) and Creative Expressions (the leaves).   I started with collage using tissue, dictionary paper and some Washi tape.  I coloured over with Gesso, dried and then coloured with Neocolour II crayons and then spritzed with water.  After drying I used a wood stamp and white acrylic paint and added some glitter here & there.

I have not purchased the Tim Holtz crayons as I love my Neocolour II and don't feel the need to have two different types.  I have so many mediums to play with already.   On that note, I'm also not going to buy the new Oxide Distress inks, I think having the complete line of Distress Inks and re-inkers is enough along with everything else.  

Well that's all my rambling, here are my cards :)

Thanks for your visit and have a great day!


  1. Absolutely stunning, striking colours with the black foliage. Zoe xx

  2. What a fantastic creation Shirley! Amazing!
    oxo Susi

  3. Fabulous piece with cool colours Shirley. Hugs, Valerie

  4. Beautiful cards, Shirley. As always, your work is just filled with beauty! Happy weekend, my friend.

  5. This is a super design Shirley. It looks like you had a good play here! Turquoise shades are always my favourite! I hope your snow disappears soon and life gets back to normal. I must confess I am succumbing to the new Distress Oxide pads as I really like the effect they offer, but I am trying to be generally a bit more selective in what I buy these days I have far too many unused mediums! Elaine xxx

  6. You put in a lot of work to create the background and flowers. They are just lovely. Stay warm with all that snow. We still have none.

  7. Such wonderful cards Shirley and so pleased tosee your wonderful flowers again

    Hope the snow goes away soon

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. What a wonderful composition!
    I hope you are doing well too.
    Big hugs Anja

  9. Wow, stunning card. I adore the background you created. Sending purrs to Archie and hope he is doing well. Skipper is behaving herself. :) Enjoy your snow I want some!

  10. It's a stunning collage with this gorgeous flower on it. You definitely don't need to add more supplies to your arsenal as you do so many exotic looks with the supplies you own! Loved reading about what you've used to make up this lovely piece. As for blogging, sometimes it does get to be a lot of effort. But we sure enjoy it when you do have time to post one of your beautiful pieces! TFS & hope the snow melts away quickly for you. Hugs

  11. These two cards are gorgeous Shirley and that colour combination is one of my favourites. I love the tattered flowers, and the beautiful dark leaves and sentiments which add lots of lovely contrast. The backgrounds are so pretty. The other thing I love about a blog is that when I visit someone, especially someone new, I love to look back over their posts and see what they have been doing, and if I have time I leave a comment on more than one post. I quite enjoy looking back over my own blog and reaquainting myself with past creations too. Everything from Day 1 is there to be able to see as one huge piece of work which I find quite satisfying. I hope you get some warmer weather to enjoy for a while as it sounds as though it has been very bad recently. x

  12. Thud! I saw this on FB and just loved it there and love seeing all the angles here! It's stunning, Shirley! And you know how much I love the colors!!

    I missed your pondering about Blog v FB so I went back to read it. I have to agree that I like blogs much better. I can't find the time to FB every day and if you miss something, you just plain miss it ~ unless you do a search and the whole time-consuming bit. Blogs work better with how my mind works, I guess. And, of course, now so many of the younger card artists (and some older) are switching over to Instagram which I find even more impersonal. The whole "Insta" turns me off. (Cranky old granny!) But when someone spends hours making a one-of-a-kind work of art, it seems deflating to know that a simple {heart} or swipe is all your effort is worth.

    On the other hand, life does come first and I think everyone understands that. The only thing I hope you do is leave us a post if you find you need to take a coupla three weeks off or more. I've had friends not do that in the past and you know me, it makes me worry that they are ill and what happened to them, so I love it when they just say all is well, but they are taking a life break.

    Enjoy that unseasonably warm weather and I hope Archie is doing better. Hugs, Darnell (Blogger and Rambler!)

  13. Hello Shirley, two very beautiful cards. I love the colours and texture on them, fabulous stamped images and those tattered blooms are wonderful.
    Glad your sticking with the blog Shirley, even though your time will be limited, people have put forward loads of reasons why blogs are better than Facebook, and I agree. Life has to come first though, and the crafting and blogging is a hobby and not meant to stress one. It will be fabulous to see you here when you are able, Kate x

  14. Great background and beautiful flowers as always! I an really enjoy looking at them!
    I didn't buy any TH crayons eighter; I just love my Neoolour II's and have a box of Gelato's aswell; it would be too much and it doesn't add anything... But that is what I think of more of the "new" things...
    Glad you will have some sunshine this weekend; we had a sunny week untill today and going into a gray periode... But the cold s gone...
    Glad that you stick to your blog; through FB I wouldn't had the feeling that I got to know you a little bit! (Still hope I'll meet you at the Art Specially Event some day!) Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Gerrina

  15. Love your ramblings Shirley and blogging has my vote every time.

    Such a fabulous background and the flower taking centre stage is amazing.

    Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x x

  16. Oh, Shirley - how gorgeous with the beautiful, brilliant colors, and the contrasting dark leaves and border. I especially like your second creation with the double strip "belly band" breaking up the design and flowing in and out of the floral spray. So pretty! hugs, de

  17. oh my gosh,this is awesome,georgus colors and textures,love the flower,its beautiful.
    wishing you a nice weekend.

    hugs jenny

  18. What a gorgeous card Shirley! Your flowers and colors are always very beautiful.
    Mar x

  19. Oh my gosh - these cards are gorgeous and your flowers are really out of this world beautiful!
    Sandy xx

  20. Love the backgrounds & your flowers always amaze me, Shirley! I agree--have enough stuff & don't need everything new that comes along! Actually, it'd be great if I'd use all the goodies taking up space at my house--haha!

  21. Sorry to hear Archie is having a bad day. Sending lots of hugs and purrs. Skipper is doing ok at the moment. :)

  22. Amazing backgrounds with all the different textures and the nice paperflowers look perfekt to it. I like it much.
    Dear Greetings


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