Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun with Stickers and a little accident

Good Morning everyone.

Unfortunately I'm 'out of commission' for making cards.   On Tuesday evening we were getting ready to entertain outside when I had a little accident while rushing to bring things in when a big storm suddenly came up.     I've learned the hard way that I should NEVER run in heavy rain on a concrete patio, especially while carrying a heavy patio umbrella and stand.  I fell onto the concrete and my left index finger & knee took most of the impact.

So now I have a splint on my left index finger, it has a minor fracture (difficult to type) and a brace covering my left leg as I've damaged tendons.    I always thought my knees looked very 'knobby' well now it's really weird looking :)   So card making and other things are difficult at the moment.   I've had to cancel many plans unfortunately.   OK enough whining, I'm lucky that it's not worse and in time will heal so I'm thankful.

I'm scheduled for two classes this September at Crop Circles, Peterborough, Ontario - Fun with Stickers & Creating Backgrounds with Smooch Inks.    These 3 cards will be created in the Sticker Class.  

The Starform Sticker images were attached to Vellum and dry embossed at the back before adhering to the cardstock.  The first card has a background created with Distress Inks, ripped cardstock and circle negative.   The Sentiment on this first card is by Penny Black 4178H The Wind.    Part of the images were coloured with markers.   Now I'm on the look out for a nice Sail Boat stamp :) 

Ok that's all for now.  I'm not sure when I'll be back,  but hopefully soon :)  
Thanks for your visit & have a great day


Colleen Dietrich said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your accident, Shirley. :( It totally stinks to have hand problems and not be able to type well. It's so fun to blog!

These gold embossed creations are nothing short of amazing, my friend!

Creations by Shirl said...

Ouch - poor you! Hope you get healed soon....
Wow your cards are stunning all three of them... love how you have them gold embossed like that....Soooooo beautiful!
Take care!

Karin said...

i'm very sorry to hear about your accident, i hope it will heal soon!!
the cards are beautiful, have a nice weekend!

Ellen Taylor said...

All 3 are fantastic card Shirley! I especially like the geisha card! So pretty! The ladies in your class will love them! Hope you recover soon!!

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Oh poor you. That's terrible, I know it. I hope you will be better soon and hope that your haven't to much pain.
Your cards are beautiful.
I wish you all the best despite all the inconveniences a nice weekend and a big hug

craftystamper said...

So Sorry to hear about your accident. I had tendonitis of the right thumb and it was weeks before I could make cards again. And you know about my knee. So I really can empathize. I have signed up for your Sept. class so having seen the cards I am more excited then ever. Get well soon.

Sophie said...

Sehr schöne Karten, liebe Shirley...

ich wünsche dir ein schönes sonniges Wochenende

Marijke said...

your cards are very lovely and I wish you all the best with your finger and knee, hopefully they will be better soon

G Peplow said...

Hi Shirley, Oh what bad luck, I do hope you heal quickly:0) I love your card, stickers get such bad press but some are gorgeous, this ship is a prime example, lovely card. Take care, Gay xxx

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

I've tried emailing you, but nothing seems to be sent, so I've resorted to leaving you a comment instead. Missed meeting you and Jim at lunchtime, but I hope the knee is feeling a bit better. WOW Niagara Falls is amazing, we love it. I'm sure that Steve and I will be back in Canada in the not to distant future and we will get to met.

Sue x
PS gorgeous cards you've made with the stickers.

Shannon White said...

Oh Wow! How Fun and Fancy are these! 8-) Love the Fab stickers! They make for some pretty Ornate cards really love the first one, so soft and serene! So sorry to hear of your fall, Sending wishes for a very speedy recovery my friend! 8-)


Gery said...

Wow, I'm sorry to hear about your accident.
We all know certain things, but still we do otherwise and than these things happen. Hope you're not in too much pain??
And this all is so unhandy, when you have to ask other people to do things for you, because you can't :-(((
Love the first card and the sentiment and right now you have to adjust your own sails.
Take good care, the sooner you will be alright.
Love Gery

maria's knutselplezier said...

Hay, Shirley, I'm sorry to hear about your accident, yes so now and than we meet the earth, and know that we are older than 20 , but so we learn, to overcome things,and get stronger, I hope that you will soon be better again, you are still young so you will be well soon again!!! Your cards are lovely , I love both cards with the booths the bests, Yes, getting Post, had better times,in the past I think, I didn't receive you ATC eighter yet, but than we have something to look for, I Hope mine will arrive to you next week!!!

Greetings and all the best for your finger and Knee!!!


Eileen said...

I am so sorry to read about your accident Shirley. Here's hoping the recovery will be swift so you can get back to card making .... Cards here are brill. I have thousands of stickers all waiting to be used !
Take care now and NO running!
Eileen xxxx

cparsons said...

Oh Shirley, I'm so sorry about your accident. Hope you recover soonest!! I really like these cards. They sponging you did on the first one is very artsy, I just love that look:) The wheel on the last one, the paper you chose and colors make for a great card.